Balkan Green Ideas (BGI) is a program that supports the development of local and sustainable small green ideas in the Balkans. BGI aims to stimulate and encourage innovation for green ideas while engaging local communities to generate green businesses that utilize local resources and community-based markets. By supporting innovative, local sustainable economic development initiatives, Green Ideas aims to substantively contribute to building a peaceful, competitive, resilient and prosperous Balkans.




Balkan Green Ideas is a regional program that promotes the green entrepreneurship and well-being of local communities in Western Balkan and Greece.

BGI works on the principles of:  

Community development, Sustainability, Environmental responsibility, Diversity, Inclusion and Empowerment

National Leads

National organizations/foundations are part of the BGI network and are responsible for national competitions in their countries. 


Announcing the Open Calls for Balkan Green Ideas 2024

Announcing the Open Calls for Balkan Green Ideas 2024

Passionate about making a difference for our planet? Join us at Balkan Green Ideas for an incredible opportunity to showcase your sustainability solutions! We're thrilled to announce national competitions across the Western Balkan region, inviting all innovators like you to share your ideas for combatting climate change. Whether it's a groundbreaking technology, a community initiative, or an inventive solution to an environmental challenge, we want to hear from you. Selected winners from each country will advance to the final regional competition, where exciting prizes await! Don't miss your chance to be part of the Balkan Green Ideas movement. Submit your ideas today and help shape a greener future for us all! For details on open calls in your country, click the links below: 🇦🇱 Albania - opens soon... 🇧🇦 Bosnia and Herzegovina - opens soon... 🇽🇰 Kosovo - opens soon... 🇲🇪 Montenegro - opens soon... 🇲🇰 North Macedonia - opens soon... 🇷🇸 Serbia - https://bit.ly/3xMv7bT  open till April 30. The 13th edition of Balkan Green Ideas (BGI) is supported by Rockefeller Brothers Fund and is implemented by Balkan Green Foundation in partnership with: Partners Albania for Change and Development (Albania); Mozaik Foundation (Bosnia and Herzegovina); VentureUP (Kosovo); ARNO (North Macedonia); Fund for Active Citizenship (Montenegro); and Trag Foundation (Serbia).
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Balkan Green Ideas 2023: Nurturing Innovation for a Sustainable Future

Balkan Green Ideas 2023: Nurturing Innovation for a Sustainable Future

From October 23rd to 26th, 2023, the town of Budva, Montenegro, played host to the 12th edition of the annual Balkan Green Ideas program. This dynamic platform brought together 18 national finalists from six Western Balkan countries, all united by a common goal - to champion innovative green concepts that promise to shape a more sustainable tomorrow. This year's competition was fierce, with participants showcasing an impressive array of eco-conscious ideas. The international and independent jury faced a tough decision, ultimately selecting five standout initiatives divided into two categories. 
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Announcement of National Green Ideas Winners in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Announcement of National Green Ideas Winners in Bosnia and Herzegovina

BGI's National Partner in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mozaik Foundation, has organized the Green Ideas Competition 2023, selecting 3 women-leading initiatives to compete in the Regional Competition 2023, this October in Montenegro.  Recycling PET Revolution - is a project set to be realized in the municipality of Zavidovići and beyond. In the Zavidovići area alone, over 15 tons of waste find their way to rivers and other natural treasures, with a significant portion being recyclable plastic bottles. The initiative aims to strategically place collection bins or containers in every local community within Zavidovići, as well as appropriate receptacles in residential buildings, enabling residents and citizens to properly dispose of PET packaging. When these bins are full, a redemption system will be in place, with the funds generated from recycling being channelled back into community improvements, overseen by local representatives or building management. This innovative approach not only engages the entire community in environmental conservation but also empowers them to enhance their living environment. This project signifies a collective effort to safeguard the environment while fostering community growth. MAGBAGO - an avant-garde project that harnesses the potential of vegan materials like orange silk, bamboo, and more. With an eco-conscious ethos, the brand aims to transform the Bosnian and Herzegovinian fashion landscape, offering sustainable alternatives that bridge the gap between premium natural and synthetic fabrics. Embracing a zero-waste design philosophy, the collection presents staple pieces for every occasion. With aspirations to reach the EU market and beyond, this initiative heralds a transformative approach to style and sustainability. Humperia A Vanguard of Sustainable Fashion and Empowerment - mission revolves around fashion that leaves no footprint, showcased through a zero-waste collection. This initiative not only highlights our dedication to waste-free production but also celebrates the artistry of crafting bags from natural materials like jute. Beyond aesthetics, our journey intertwines with fair trade principles and empowering small producers, fostering growth in communities that have been adversely impacted by talent migration.  The 12th edition of Balkan Green Ideas is supported by Rockefeller Brothers Fund and is implemented by Balkan Green Foundation in partnership Partners Albania for Change and Development; Mozaik Foundation; Venture UP; Fund for Active Citizenship; ARNO and Trag Foundation.
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