The second edition of Balkan Green Academy

How it works

The second edition of Balkan Green Academy (BGA) continues to combine the modules and topics under Policy, Society and Economy in a set of physical sessions that will last between 7 to 8 hours per day, in the course of 4x full-day sessions. Every day, you will be able to learn something new, engage with different topics and speakers. Get inspired to be creative about your own business or idea development.


Lots of hearts and brains went into designing this online academy for you. Our main objective was to offer a space for:

  • New ideas and learnings
  • Gaining practical skills that you can apply now or in the future
  • Encourage collaboration and connections
  • Feel good

Meet people behind BGA

The program will be led by 1 lead facilitator and host: Shpend Mustafa from Balkan Green Foundation. The Academy will also feature a number of specific module experts and a number of successful green entrepreneurs from different countries who will share their real-life experiences with you. We have selected the experts and mentors based on your stage of development - and we hope they will serve as a great source of know-how and inspiration. To learn more about all the people you will meet in this Academy, just scroll through below.

Shpend Mustafa

Shpend is a Project Coordinator at Balkan Green Foundation (BGF). He has extensive experience in activities and projects that are related to youth empowerment toward the job market, training youngsters in the fields of activism and critical thinking. Moreover, Shpend has worked on projects and research in the field of local government. Shpend is currently a student of Law at the University of Prishtina.

Gogo Rafajlovski

Experienced co-founder with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and tech industry. Gogo is skilled in Business Planning, Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property, Company Valuation and Investment Analyses. With an ongoing 15-year successful career in managing StartUp Centers, Incubators, Accelerators & TechParks he has build-up a portfolio of experienced business consultants, mentoring over 100 startups – with a special passion for technology & brands. His background includes Operations Management, Startup Investments, Intellectual Property & Valuations. StartUp Centers, Business Incubators & TechParks.

Budimka Golubović

Budimka is a graduate economist from the University of Montenegro with 22 years long experience as a project manager, business consultant, business environment analyst, and researcher. She managed comprehensive socio-economic research projects and developed reports, studies, and analyses. Budimka expertise in business environment improvement at the local (municipal) level: business zones, inter-municipal cooperation, and education for employees in local government on business start-up challenges. Furthermore, she worked for and in cooperation with local and international organizations, with local and foreign clients on developing programs in the field of economy and business, and conducted many business environment types of research and consulting projects. She holds the Evaluator License for the field of Economy-Finance.

Avni Arifi

Avni is Business Development Manager at the Business & Innovation Center within SEEU. He has a Ph.D. degree in Business & Economy. Avni has more than 12+ years of experience in the private sector, education sector and civil sector. Has successfully managed different local and national projects as well as training, consultancy and mentoring. Avni is engaged in the civil sector as a board member of the NGO Institute for Research, Innovation and Development. His background includes Circular Economy, Project Management, Operations Management, Finance & Budgeting.


Session 1

Circular Society and Economy

Circular Society and Economy, the Regenerative Economy creation after the COVID-19 crisis This will help you familiarize yourself with the basics of the circular economy such as its seven pillars; Circular Economy properties; EU and Western Balkans policies on Circular Economy; The importance of Circular Economy in post-covid crisis and its indication in the business economy.


Session 2

Green Sustainable Cities and Eco Villages

Learn more about the basics of what defines a sustainable and green city and how cities in the world are developing policies to create a better future. Get inspired by the success stories of the development of sustainable green cities and rural eco villages in the world. Moreover, the session will unfold measures that citizens can undertake in order to advocate for better green policies in their communities.


Session 3

Circular Economy in the Tourism Industry

Improve your knowledge on the Circular Economy and its impact on the tourism industry. Explore more about the steps of transitioning your business to the circular economy and creating an efficient transition plan.


Session 4

Communities Mobilization for Local/Regional Policy Change

Emphasizes the importance of green activism in our communities. The session will discuss success stories of communities/mobilization that influenced a positive social and environmental impact.



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