Winners of the National Competition in Albania

The Green Business Competition is an activity organized by Partners Albania since 2012. It aims to stimulate and encourage innovation for green business ideas at the local level and explores the role of philanthropy in engaging local communities to generate green business ideas that utilize local resources and revitalize disappearing traditional production chains and community-based markets. By supporting innovative, local sustainable economic development initiatives, The Green Business Competition aims to substantively contribute to building a peaceful, competitive, and prosperous Western Balkans and Greece region in line with the seven (7) Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

This year, the organization of the Green Business Competition was supported by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Tirana Bank, and Credins Bank.

The competition supports business ideas in two main LOTs according to their stage of maturity:

LOT 1: Business Ideas at Conceptual Stage
LOT 2: Businesses in Pre-Seed Stage

Twenty-one finalists selected among competitors from social enterprises, individuals, small business ventures, and non-profit organizations, presented their business ideas which were evaluated by an independent jury of experts in the area of economy, education, and business development, which selected the winners:

LOT 1: Business Ideas at Conceptual Stage

Marçela Tringaj with “Purteka. Gardening for children”

The business idea consists in investing in a "mobility" store for selling gardening products, such as the "Gardening for Children" book, which offers information for the plantation of 38 plants in indoor conditions in the form of small projects, packets of edible plant seeds, a manual and instructions to be used by children at home, as well as other gardening objects such as tote bags, watering cans, bee hotels, free-range bird feeders, flowers, vegetables, and tree seedlings, etc.

Leonida Palushaj with “Earth Scent”

The idea consists in creating a workshop for the preparation of ceramic products. The workshop will serve as a community space for the organization of residential classes, evening courses, or clubs for children and adults, including people with different physical abilities, who can come together, learn a new skill, and develop their creativity.

Each of the winning ideas under this Lot will be financially supported up to the amount of 500,000 ALL.

LOT 2: Businesses in Pre-Seed Stage

Sentiljana Marku with “Mjedrat e Danjës”

The idea consists in the cultivation of raspberry fruit, thus bringing a new product to the area of Vau i Dejës and offering to the consumers an organic fruit certified according to the "Organic" standard, with high nutritional values. Through the support from the Competition, the aim is to expand the activity in Shkodra and Lezha Districts, increase the capacities for cultivation and storage, as well as the diversification of the raspberry product, otherwise known as the "Red Gold".

Ornold Bazaj with “Reality Escapers Albania”

Reality Escapers Albania is a tour operator that provides tourist services mainly in outdoor sports, such as hiking, camping, bird watching and kayak tours in the areas around Vlora district. Through the support from the Competition, Reality Escapers Albania will offer a new tour service "hiking" tours, which includes hiking in Çika Mountain, the fantastic and wild bays of the Karaburun Peninsula (such as Dafina Bay, Bristani, Grama and Saint Andreu), water caves (such as Secret Cave, terrestrial caves such as that of Duk Gjon and “Anglezi” in Karaburun, prehistoric caves in the village of Velçë); kayaking in the lower basin of the Vjosa River and the Narta Lagoon of Zvernec, as well as the birdwatching activity.

Marjana  Jakini with “Trendy Traditë”

The "Trendy Traditions" idea consists in preserving the local culture and tradition through the traditional clothes of the Vau i Dejës area, promoting the craft work, and transmitting it to the youngest generation. The support from the Competition will be allocated to investment in machinery and equipment, as a way to facilitate the work of the women involved in the local community, affecting the reduction of labour costs and the increase of product quality.

Each of the winning ideas under this Lot will be financially supported up to the amount of 800,000 ALL.

Three of the winners, namely “Purteka. Gardening for children”, “Mjedrat e Danjës” and “Reality Escapers Albania”  will automatically become part of the regional Balkan Green Ideas Competition 2023, which will take place in October, in Montenegro.

The 12th edition of Balkan Green Ideas is supported by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and is implemented by Balkan Green Foundation in partnership with Partners Albania for Change and Development; Mozaik Foundation; Venture UP; Fund for Active Citizenship; ARNO and Trag Foundation.